Mick Bennett

Beat the Blues

rom Mick Bennett, author of The Belmar Trilogy, comes a new insight into the lives of those of the Belmar region. Beat the Blues focuses on the lives of Katie Kline and Ronny Hopkins. Katie Kline, a hip, introspective eighteen year old, spins classic blues records and reads Susan Sontag. Rebellious next-door neighbor Ronny Hopkins loves everything about her. A Polaroid photo launches them on a tempestuous, romantic odyssey stretching from the Kent State shootings to the first iPhone. They discover human hearts seldom rest. Regret and resentment derail them—while Katie is lambasting Nixon and trailing John and Yoko for the Village Voice, Ronny is notching saves and sex partners on his Jersey Shore lifeguard stand. But sometimes memories can become realities, and after twenty years, a reunion offers hope. Old and new love letters, dog napping, zany fisticuffs, tattooed millennials, and renewed passion have them scrambling for one last chance.

Coded and Designed By:   Wesley E. Miller