Mick Bennett

Michael E. Bennett


y home town is Belmar, NJ. I was born December 14, 1952. My father and mother moved from 13th Ave to 22 Inlet Terrace soon afterward. Dad grew up on Inlet Terrace. He was Captain of the Asbury Park H.S. state championship football team of 1931. Mom also attended A.P.H.S. We belonged to the First Presbyterian Church on 9th Ave. Locally, I attended Belmar Elementary and Manasquan H.S. Always a late bloomer, I was sent to Blair Academy for what was euphemistically called a post-graduate or PG year. At Blair I fell in love with writing. From there I attended Gettysburg College, and after graduation in 1975, found a job at a high school 15 miles from Gettysburg where I taught English and coached basketball. After 33 years, one master’s degree, many great memories, and thousands of lousy essays, I retired from teaching in 2010. My wife Kathleen and I have been married for 31 years. We have two children, Nathan, 26, and Erin, 20. Over those years I had a half dozen short stories published in literary and university magazines, but longer narrative fiction remained my ambition. “Missing You in Belmar,NJ” is my first published novel. First of a trilogy, the second and third books will also be published by Unsolicited Press in 2015. As for an artist’s statement, if there is one thing I learned from experience concerning writing, it was neatly summarized by my favorite writer Raymond Carver. “When it comes to writing fiction or poetry, it really comes down to this: indifference to everything except what you’re doing.”

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